Refrigeration Design and Manufacturing | Mechanical Refrigeration Inc.
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Design and Manufacturing

Kramer Slideshow

Custom Industrial refrigeration
Systems Designed for your specific needs

We offer the best available service and dependability to our customers.

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Fan Slideshow

Over 150 Years of Combined Experience in
Refrigeration Design and Manufacturing

We're proud to offer the highest standard of refrigeration services in Central Florida.

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Parallel Rack

From chillers to parallel rack systems, blast coolers and freezers, tell us what your needs are and we can design and build specialty refrigeration units for your business.

Our custom parallel compressor rack systems are of the highest quality and offer unsurpassed dependability, and our team will work with you every step of the way to ensure that it is installed and working properly.

Each of our parallel rack systems come with the following standard features:


  • Copeland Discus Compressors
  • Kramer Heat Transfer Fan Coils
  • Henry Helical Oil Separators
  • Henry Electronic Oil Level Controls
  • Compressor Vibration Eliminators
  • Phase Monitoring

The following features are also available upon request:

  • Remote Alarm System
  • Remote Communication
  • Hot Gas Defrost
  • Electric Defrost
  • Air Defrost
  • Mechanical Subcooling
  • Ambient Subcooling
  • Secondary Refrigeration Loop
  • Water-Cooled Condensers